The Cockscomb Society

Description:Cockscomb Society do not wallow in their pitiful visages or grotesque leanings, nor do they celebrate them. They think of these things as a bit of a handicap, perhaps, but not insurmountable. It’s a curse. Why welcome it?

They take up to the politics of the city ignoring the fact that they are handicapped from the beginning, to everyone’s surprise, they are a lot more successful then one might think.

City Politics: There are no Cockscomb society members in the Circle of the Crone, so their allegiance usually drifts between neutral and Invictus as a whole. Of course, the fact that the majority of the family are members of the Invictus means that Invictus gains more support from the family, compared to what the family officially claims.

Other Families:
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The Cockscomb Society

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