Description:Courtesy is what most Kindred think of when they think of the Spina. It is relatively easy to find a vampire who will claim that a Spina has been rude to him; rather harder to find one who can produce any reliable witnesses to the event. From the night of their Embrace, all potential Spina are taught how to maintain their calm in all situations and the correct polite responses to a wide range of insults. In time, these become second nature, allowing a Spina to belittle another vampire mercilessly without once saying anything that steps across the bounds of politesse.

Every single Spina in the city is a member of The Most Honorable Order of the Thorned Wreath – the militaristic guild of the Invictus sworn to protect every other member of the Invictus.

City Politics: Since they have taken an Oath to guard the Invictus, you can expect one of the Spina in every physical encounter with the Invictus.

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