Description: The Sangiovanni is an old family of necromancers. They are also the only family loyal to the Lancea et Sanctum dogma in New Haven. They are the ones one would seek if he had questions about death. For whom is better more suited to answer them, than the ones who play with it?

The family is not only a family of Kindred, but also of mortals. There is not a single Kindred in this family, who would have not come from the Sangiovanni mortal stock. The mortal family thinks of the vampires as inner circle of their powerful family holding huge feasts upon someone joining the inner circle.

The family holds close contacts with the offshoot of their family in Hartford.

City Politics: Believing that Circle of the Crone is heretics, the Sangiovanni family almost by default supports anyone opposing the Circle. And they are the only family directly loyal to the Lancea et Sanctum Order of the Invictus.
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