Description: Malocusians are also called spiders. They have that name because they almost always lure their victims to their homes. One can never be sure if an invitation to visit a Malocusian is a friendly gesture or a trap. However, many choose to take the risk, because rare Malocusian will deal with others outside his home, and dealing with Malocusians is something almost everyone has to do.

Malocusians are acknowledged information gatherers. If one needs to learn something – Malocusians are the ones to reach out to. They have contacts in almost every mortal institution. And very often, what they ask in return for information is more information.

City Politics: Malocusians have never supported one side over another. Every covenant with any power in the city has at least one Malocusian among it’s members. Of course, the Invictus holds the most Malocusians, but that’s because many believe that Invictus is going to be the one standing in the end.

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