New Haven: Blood Feuds

Chapter 3 Extension: Shovock

This is just a single scene (short one too) . Since my player decided that the format of playing over google docs does not fit him, I’m starting to look for another player. So if you’re interested, drop me a message. I can either offer you to continue with the story as Shovock, or making your own character to play (definitely meeting Shovock then)

anyways, here it goes:

Scene – Monsters

He opened his eyes. The taste of ash was still in his mouth. The ground trembled a little and he could hear as the huge wall is parting.

Shovock lifted his head, he could see his brother and Sarah struggling with the chains a bit. Then foul stench hit his nose. Strangely he could still feel Ellenore. He wondered what diablerie truly entailed, considering his options.

At least the way forward was free once more. For a while there, he’d feared Ellenore’s foolishness would have gotten them both stuck; luckily, that did not appear to be the case. The Goddess had accepted his sacrifice. It proved she had not been worthy. But he was. He looked at the two chained up, then proceeded. With some luck, they could be spared; he really wanted to look into their condition more. What were they, exactly? The puzzle already excited him.

Something inside of him became at ease with his decision. Did he care more than he told himself? Preposterous. Especially for the girl, Sarah. Why would he care about her? He glanced over his shoulder. Why indeed?

Shovock stepped forwards, towards the source of the smell. When he was behind the arc, which opened up, he stepped several steps down to find himself next to a pool of blood. In the pool he could make out corpses and piles of decaying corpses to the sides. The stench came from the corpses, but the pool itself, the pool smelled sweet, it smelled like fresh blood and Shovock felt his beast urging him to drink.

In the middle of the scene he saw an altar, further behind another wall. But this wall was different. He still felt strange from the diablerie he committed, his hand was still tingling in pain.

He looked at the pool, sorely tempted. Yet he meant no disrespect, and so approached first the altar, to see if another message was awaiting him there.

He stepped into the blood. It felt warm. Walking forward was harder than he anticipated. He approached the altar. It had symbols and runes carved into it. The images. He lifted his head, now he could see the wall much clearer. In all its might the big picture could be discerned now. He could see vampires fighting. Mother of Monster giving birth to new ones. Powerful gods fighting between themselves and as ones fell new ones would be born from the blood and screams of the fallen ones. All of the images had runes upon them, strange runes which had no meaning.

But Shovock could understand them, the whole glory, the awe of the sight. He could see and understand it all, he could feel the power at his fingertips, he was chosen by the Goddess, he knew that he’s at the right place and that to get here – no price is too much.

And it was not written, but he also knew “My price is Creation”.

Shovock laughed, his sides shaking with mirth. Price? This was no price to him. He could feel strange knowledge rushing through his mind. It was invigorating. He looked back at the pool of red. That was his building material, he could see it now. He knelt beside it and leaned in to drink, to see if it tasted as good as it smelled.

The taste was as good as the smell. It was fresh blood. The best blood he has ever tasted.

He knew that he can create something glorious and pass this test. He also knew that with this power he can probably put some sense into the chained ones. At best they’ll be proper vampires now, at worst it will win some more time for him to find out what to do with them.

Feeling his new power, he started casting his ritual…


Griautis Griautis

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