Yvonne Ballard

A failed Cockscombe Harpy who defected to the Crone.


Willowy and towering, Yvonne Ballard is a young woman possessed of an ethereal beauty which her curse has twisted into something imposing and alien. Standing well over two meters, her face is girlish and flawless, sitting atop a swanlike neck, just long enough to seem unnatural.

She used to dress formally, but has taken to wearing fraying remnants of earlier unlife amongst mismatched thrift since leaving the Estate.


Yvonne Ballard grew up in the suburbs, where her early life was eclipsed by a tumor which caused her to grow at an astonishing rate, until its eventual, painstaking removal halted the process before she became large enough to appear truly freakish. Her memories outside of hospitals mostly involve being overlooked.

She was a college student walking through the mall with a friend the day she was scouted by a woman posing as modelling talent agent. From there she was introduced to a man – gaunt to the point of appearing inhuman. He inspected her like a prize horse and told her the name of a person she bore an uncanny resemblance to, poking her with questions. That night she was murdered and embraced by Chamberlain Cockscombe, a knight of the Estate.

Her early unlife was heavily micromanaged as her Sire attempted to prepare her for society, fill the role of somebody they had lost. Meanwhile the Nosferatu curse tore through her during the first months, stretching her body and. By the time the change had ceased, her Sire had decided she was unrecognizable and no longer compatible with his hopes of. Yvonne was kept away from the limelight and repurposed as an obscure enforcer. It didn’t take long for her to flee her situation into the arms of the Crone.

Yvonne Ballard

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