Description: Rotgrafen family is one of the oldest families who live in New Haven. However at the same time, they are the ones who drain New Haven the least, since they mostly use the port as their base of operations. Usually they hunt in nearby coastal towns using their ships, yachts and other boats to get there.

The vampires within those towns think of the Rotgrafen as raiders and poachers, however they cannot prepare for their swift and strong attacks, since the Rotgrafen are also strong warriors.

Very little happens in New Haven’s port without Rotgrafen not knowing it.

City Politics: Rotgrafen are loyal to the circle of the crone, often pushing their political ideals. Most of them are members of the Carthian Movement, which is a sub-faction off the Circle of the Crone. Due to their capabilities, they are quite often used as mercenaries in Invictus conflicts as well, which causes quite a lot of conflicts within the Circle.
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