Ellenore Whitefield

Bored socialite looking for more.


Being a bit below the average length and slightly small-framed, Ellenore is lithe and athletic. Her facial features skirt the line between adolescence and womanhood, possessing a certain noble quality that give her a commanding air. This mix of soft and sharp is accompanied by deep hazel eyes and warm lips, which altogether makes for a rather pleasing sight. Her perfectly black hair frames her face, running a good hand’s length down her shoulders. Her manner belies confidence, and she often manages to appear taller than she actually is.

Accompanying picture depicts Ellenore during a themed dress party, alive.


Ellenore was born as one half of a set of fraternal twins, to a father and mother who both wielded considerably power and wealth in the world. Because of this, she and her brother tended to be left to their own devices a lot of the time, and without a stern hand or a loving touch to guide her Ellenore became a bit of a shallow snob, in stark contrast to her brother, who profiled himself as an intellectual from a young age.

After High School Ellenore got into college mostly due to her skills on the gymnastics team, but she never put much effort into her studies. She became increasingly disillusioned with what she saw as a boring and uninteresting world, and began to immerse herself in the occult as a way to stave off boredom. One night, this search lead her right into the arms of Hadley, a kindred and member of the Duchange family. She was embraced and the rest, as they say, is history.

Ellenore Whitefield

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