The blood feud of thirteen families.

New Haven is home to Thirteen families of vampires. There are almost no vampires who doesn’t belong to a family. Life is hard in New Haven, food is not as abundant as in some other places and the competition is harsh, but each of the families have a reason to be here.

Invictus and the Circle of the Crone are the most numerous in New Haven. They are so numerious, that the other usual covenants actually fall as sub-factions within these. Ordo Dracul and Lancea et Sanctum are orders of the Invictus. Carthian movement is a political wing of the Circle of the Crone and Voudousants are another splinter wing of Circle of the Crone. Many families are dedicated to one or the other, with some notable exceptions. The two covenants, had many wars among themselves and they hold many bitter memories between them. Not only that, but the domain has many rivalries among the families, so even the two Covenants are not as united as their leaders would like to.

The Thirteen Families:
1. Rotgrafen
2. Apollinaire
3. Iltani
4. Khaibit
5. Morigan
6. Toreador
7. Lygos
8. Kerberos
9. The Cockscomb Society
10. Sangiovanni
11. Spina
12. Malocusians
13. Duchagne

New Haven: Blood Feuds

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